Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Welcome to my blog, ideas seekers and all readers who came here by an accident!

This blog stem from my passions: to write, to meet people and hear their stories, and to deliver these stories to wider public.

I want to present you here, shorter and longer stories related to creative ideas, unique businesses and people, markets and my thoughts which are in a whirl. This is one in a kind "magazine" which reflects most of the ideas which are passing through my mind in the night and during the day. Sections Delight in the World and From time to time, which at this moment you see empty, will be filled in step by step. Right now they are rather trials.  

Posts have a form of articles/short reportage as this is what I get used to writing during my job as a journalist. I'll try to publish them regularly but I want to present you the best piece of writing as possible, so sometimes it may take a while. Visit blog to check if there's anything new published or email me and ask how the work is going. As I am writing for you, I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, critic and anything you want to write, of course in a civilised and cultural manner. I have my armour ready to read all types of comments ;-)

I hope you'll dive into my writing and will follow things I'm posting. On first page you'll always find beginning of the newest piece of writing and when you click "Read More", you'll be transferred to particular section where you can see full story. As I'm not native English speaker, please forgive me language and grammar mistakes and do not hesitate to point them out to me. Any comments, please send via email. You can also follow me on Twitter at @JoannaFirrisa.

Let's enjoy it together! Many blessings!

Joanna S-F.

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