Monday, 7 January 2013

The Vent Service: Let it all out!

Everyone has those days when they feel like shouting. Even though inside us the emotions are boiling we keep quiet, because: that's how we were brought up, it's easier, that's not going to do us any harm etc. Wouldn't it be better to simply vent it out? Yes, but how many times when you say something to your spouse they say you're complaining again while you only want to talk? Or you know if you moan to your group of friends once again they will stop inviting you to their gatherings.
Then imagine a stranger standing in front of you who allows you to shout out everything you want.  Someone who would be there only to help you get rid of all bad feelings?
Such people actually exist, they are called ventors and they form the team of The Vent Service, London-based company that opens their phone lines only to hear people screaming or complaining. They are on the phone or in the office ready to meet you and let you shout, moan or sob. The Vent is not a therapeutic service but it is a group of people who are trained to listen to the ventees and direct a conversation in a way that make them feel relieved. Ventors may also help you apply breathing and calming exercises but they won't search for the source of your anger or will not analyse any of your behaviour. Prices vary depending on the type of the service you request. Venting out on the phone will cost you £0.89p per minute.

The idea seems interesting. The service helps people to unload their stress and frustration while not putting pressure on their friends and relatives. At the same time, we need to remember that it only helps to cure the symptoms and not eradicate the cause of the anger which may be lying deep down in our emotions and past.
Whoever came up with the idea recognised today's world condition and filled in a business niche. On the other hand, the fact that such business exists and keep developing is quite depressing and shows us the vicious circle we're all part of. It shows how crazy is everyday life, how easily we get frustrated and how little people wanto give a helping hand to another human being.

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