Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dreams fulfilled in a cakery

Outside Neate's Cakery
It is pink and green and very very sweet inside. There are tables and chairs, each of them from a “different family”, on some of the shelves owls are sitting and looking around. There is also a lot of love, passion and welcoming spirit. Though everything seems to come from different story, altogether it creates one plot – a story of four sisters and their mum who opened Neate’s cakery in the middle of English seaside town Eastbourne in East Sussex.

As the story tells they’ve always wanted to run a business together. As Emma, the youngest of them, has a great talent for baking cakes and preparing puddings it has become an inspiration for all of them. Now their place is an inspiration for others.

I got to Neate’s Cakery while spending a weekend in Eastbourne. On lazy Sunday early afternoon was looking for a place to sip coffee or tea and just observe the town waking up to life. As to my surprise (usually it is not so easy to find a decent place in smaller towns), I had not needed to look far as on the main street of Eastbourne – Terminus Rd, I found this gem. When you get there, at first pink and green interior can be a bit overwhelming, when you spend there a bit of time and talk to (at least) one of the sister you start feeling like home. I have been greeted by Sarah and Victoria and had a brief chat with them which definitely made me to stay longer than planned.

Apart from coffee and tea which were just perfect (not to mention that we’ve got a flat white made specially upon our request), we enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. Wherever you turn your head, there are tempting cakes, scones, cupcakes, muffins and lots more. There are little souvenirs all around like the mentioned owls which are actually covers for teapots, handmade postcards and little pillows. There are little sentences or words all around which makes you to slow down and think about surrounding environment, like those about following your dreams or feeling at home. There is also a picture of sisters long time before they thought of having their own business. 

Altogether it makes a place where you just want to be, sit down in the garden armchair and with a book or even without, soak the atmosphere of love and peace, observe people and sip your coffee very very slowly. Isn’t it after all what days should be about, at least from time to time?

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  1. You definately made me hungry, Joanna, it looks amazing