Friday, 12 July 2013

Have no idea? Meet up!

However trivial it may sound there is something inspirational in meeting other people and chatting with them - asking questions, listening and finding out about their hobbies and passions. Every time I socialise I experience it more and more. Even if you meet for the first time, you create together something new and valuable. A little community grows even if it is suppose to last only one evening. Day by day we live in our own bubble. Work, home, gym, family, friends and some additional activities but we prefer to stay in the environment we know instead of getting courage to break boundaries, go out of our comfort zone and go to see something and someone new.

Only last weekend I had a chance to be part of few social gatherings with people not of my age and not that I would know before. But it was exciting and wonderful to see new faces, be part of conversations, be somehow forced to ask questions and think what you could ask. I got to know other people’s lives, what they are up to and get some ideas for my own life. Just because I asked or listened to someone, just because I was brave enough to open my eyes and see outside of my comfort zone, because I noticed something special in other people. And today I am sharing the ideas with you.  

Next time I will be thinking where to go for a holiday I will certainly consider a cruise. I already have some directions in my mind. I could fly to Miami and from there take a transatlantic cruise back to the shores of Great Britain, with two stops on the way – around Caribbean and in Tenerife. Or I could go to Caribbean and do a round to see different islands within week or two. If I cannot go so far, I can always do a cruise around British Isles. It’s not only experiencing new places in a new way but also getting to more than one place with quite good money.
When I look for more entertainment in the place I live, I will research groups of interests to get to know people from my area or with similar hobby. I could do a Sunday Book Group, be part of Mayfair International Cafe or London Cultureseekers Group. You may think that it seems like being desperate to make new friends but I think it is a great way to meet people in a town you've just moved to, get yourself more courageous and open up social relations and at the same time exchange thoughts with people of similar interests. Moreover it doesn't require a lot of money or in some cases any at all.

The last but not the least idea of the past weekend is a walk. Yes, a simple walk. Go out, discover your closest area or even further. You don’t need to take a bus but just use your legs, as much as they are allowing you to do so. Check what is round the corner or check a map and see where you can go for a next trip - maybe there is a canal to walk along or a pond to walk around or a park worth exploring. There don’t need to be shops, coffee houses but just people, areas they live day by day. My next destinations are walks along the Thames and visiting Brentford which apparently is full of water. What is your next best place?

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  1. great mix of inspirational ideas- love it