Sunday, 10 August 2014

Blog Challenge Day 14: N is for Nature

For me, nature sites are places of escape. Every encounter with the nature helps me to find out something about myself, detach from a daily routine and remember that there are more important things than having tasks done. Even if it's only about seeing the trees outside my window I like to be close to the nature.
Whenever I can, I spend a morning in a park nearby our home. I know parks are man-made but in the concrete jungle they're substitutes of spending time in the bosom of the nature. I like to sit on the bench and look into the greenness of the trees and to the open clear blue sky. I like praying, reading my Bible and thinking about the day which has just started. It helps me to clear my mind and prepare for the upcoming challenges. I am also lucky enough to see the sky as the first thing in the morning after pulling up blinds in our bedroom window. As much as I like living in the city with all of its opportunities, events, places to go and people to meet, I more and more love to get away to the bosom of the nature. Even in the city I try to be as close to the nature as possible. And any time I can get away to the fields of green grass, waters of the sea or a peaceful shadow under the tree I will do it. Visiting places such as Seven Sisters, Boxhill and Westhumble or mountains in Poland changes me in a split second.  
View from Seven Sisters. Isn't that beautiful?
What I like in the nature so much is silence, peace, space and time to be with my God and myself. A time to see where am I coming from and where I am heading to. The time to see that opportunities are endless. Nature is simple and original. This is what draws us near to it. It gives us freedom, doesn't have expectations, doesn't create boundaries and give us its best.
We want to live as natural as possible, eat what comes from the soil and be friends of nature. But we haven't been to good to it in recent years. We hear all over about climate change, global warming, tsunamis and we take it lightly while we shouldn't. I am not an environmental activist in a way that I take part in protests but I am in a sense that I call all of us people to care for nature which has been entrusted to us. A cool shadow or a gentle breeze on a hot day or a razor of sun in a middle of winter that's what we appreciate but let's not forget where is it coming from.

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