Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Blog Challenge Day 16: P is for Presence

Today, I started my day with the time of observation. I stood at the window and felt cold breeze touching my face waking me up to a new day. Overwhelmed by the beauty of nature I started praying. I didn't need to kneel down at my bed, play worship songs or do anything else what would make it special. I was standing in the place where I wanted to be and was encountering the presence of God in the nature He created. 
If you're not familiar with faith and having God as your friend it may all appear to you a little bit strange or not usual and you may not be familiar with the things I write about but I encourage you to read. Nothing scary is going to happen and you have nothing to loose.
If you are not familiar with living in the presence of God, you may think that it is something strange, weird or even magical or imaginative. In reality it's simple and straightforward. What's even better everyone can experience the presence of God if they only choose to follow Him in their lives.
I usually feel it in more intense way while praying, thinking or concentrating on nothing else but Him and His truths. Usually I just get deep into the prayer and hear the answers to my questions, feel empowered by His Spirit and ready to face the day. In those moments I know what's really important and what is the things I should do next and I have hope and I believe in the things I cannot see.

You can experience this presence on your own and in a way that it's special only to you, because God chooses to communicate with you in a unique way. You don't have to force yourself to do anything or rush anything and don't imagine that you should experience it in a certain way. Just wait and be still, invite Jesus into your life and let Him do the rest.
In the Old Testament times if a person entered the presence of God and had sinned before, they were dying straight away, because the presence of God is holy and couldn't bear any sin. Today, the presence is still holy and we should approach it with reverence and respect but thanks to the perfect plan of God and Jesus's sacrifice on the cross we've been forgiven of all our sins and can be directly connected to God. That's where the source of life is, that's where the source of joy is. I enjoy the moments of being in the presence of God and would like to carry it with me all the time. That's why whenever I get a chance I pray throughout the day, I try to remember verses from the Bible and just want to have my eyes fixed on heaven. It doesn't always work as we live in the world which is far from perfect but the Holy Spirit is there to help me and remind me of its beauty.

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