Friday, 15 August 2014

Blog Challenge Day 19: S is for Saturday

There is something to Saturday that makes it different from all the other days of the week. It's not like a Friday evening when you unwind after the whole week of work. It's not Sunday, when you go to the church, in my case at least, and concentrate before starting another week. And it's definitely not a Monday when everything looks worse than on any other day of the week. It's not Tuesday either when you actually made it through Monday and you're so proud of yourself you can begin the week. Saturday is no close to a Wednesday when it's half way through but still a way to go and not a Thursday when it's almost a weekend. Saturday doesn't match any pattern, it doesn't force you to do anything. It's hanged somewhere in a vacuum. Whatever happens on Saturday stays on Saturday.
You wake up on Saturday morning after a nice Friday evening you spent on doing something funny and relaxing and you mindset is already set on a weekend mode. Suddenly you have time and energy for everything, you make the healthiest and the most tasty breakfast ever and sip your tea or coffee in a slow motion. Then it turns out you have no specific plans for the day and you can do something unplanned. That's what we did with my husband last Saturday. After a short period of turbulence we were on our way to Hampstead, a perfect spot to spend your Saturday. Yes, we enjoyed the shops, little streets and cafes but it's not what really made our day. We went slightly of the beaten track to enjoy even more. We got to that lovely Buttery Cafe in the Burgh House where we had a conversation about life like we haven't had for awhile. We were relaxed, our minds were open and we reminded ourselves how much and why we love each other. We were sitting and looking into each others eyes and saying how much we love each other. No, we expressed ourselves, discussed things we usually don't have time to discuss, inspired each other, stimulated each other and supported each other. We again wanted to do things together, dream together and keep walking together keeping in our hearts those moments of that Saturday.
But it' not just the fact that it was Saturday that made that conversation special. And this is the reason why I chose to write today about Saturday and not about smell, surprise, sharing, sacrifice, story or a scheme. It's about being yourself, expressing yourself in an honest way, going out of the bitten tracks, thinking outside of schemes and standards, listening to each other, surprising each other with support, telling your story and many many more... Saturday accommodates them all. 
In reality I don't want to tell you how great are Saturdays, because you probably know it all too well yourself but I want to tell you how amazing is to just be, go and do, not to plan, be grateful and give thanks for what you have and what you've achieved, appreciate others, stop for a moment, don't make yourself subject to the opinion of others, not to think of what others may say, follow your heart and reason in a right balance, relax, don't rush, spend time with others and listen to them. Try and Saturday will happen everyday. 

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