Saturday, 25 October 2014

More or less: life made simpler

I wouldn't sent “ok” and “yes” texts if I hadn't have unlimited texts on my plan, I wouldn’t take so many pictures of one object if I hadn’t have a digital camera, and I wouldn't browse the Internet that much I if I hadn't have unlimited data. I would create more if I had less money. If some things weren’t unlimited we would appreciate and cherish them more than we do.

Sometimes, less is more. Less connection more freedom, less pictures more concentration, less choices, more peace of mind, less money more creativity, less things to do more time to think and concentrate on specific projects. It’s not always true but many times in my life I came to a conclusion that when there is less of something, there will be more of another thing, and usually the second one is beneficial for me. It seems to be a rule that can be applied to different areas of life. Look at those words describing how children played in 1920s east London from a book I am reading at the moment “My East End. Memories of Life in Cockney London” by Gilda O’Neill:

“My childhood was happy. We were not surrounded by a lot of children with wonderful toys making us envious [and] there were no big stores filled with unobtainable goodies. (...) Instead we made our own amusement. We had marbles, some clay and others more valuable, called glarnies...”

There is something in having less and not wanting that makes life easier, simple and more beautiful. First time I realised that when I was a child. I didn’t have too much pocket money but I still wanted to buy gifts for Christmas for my loved ones, so I created them. If I had enough money, I would just go to a shop. I always wanted to have more than my family could afford (like most of us) but thanks to less money, I learnt how to spend them, I became more responsible and I knew how to search and buy to get more. It actually helped me later with other things in life.

When I’ve grown up, I realised that you don’t have to put too many funky clothes together. Something simple can say so much more. Less work means more time. Less talking from my side means listening more to the other person. And less projects on my shoulder means that I can think more, process more information and be more effective. In my faith, less of me is more of God and that brings peace and fulfilment. In marriage less of me mean healthier relationship.

What started from a small thing in a child’s mind has grown into a thing that gives more meaning to life. Less brought me freedom. It may not be exactly the same for you but when you choose to do more, think if doing less wouldn’t actually say so much more.

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