Monday, 22 April 2013

In the picture wonderland

Pictures are creative dy definition. You see a certain landmark, portrait, event etc. and create a picture of it in one or more shots. The result, which you show to the viewer, may not be a real ilustration of what happened or of whom you saw but it is a creation of your mind, your point of view, your angle. No matter how real picture is, it is always a creation. This is why good pictures are so seducing. They can be even more if the autoh creates something on the basis of the existing creation of his - change the size, add an item etc. Then, the picture becomes a scenography, a background to a new story which belongs only to the viewer. Writing about it is so simple but the creative process behind pictures like the one I want to share with you today must be much more complex, much more fascinating and much much deeper.
You will understand the best what I mean by simply looking at these pictures, by two different authors Franck Allais and Danie Barreto. First of them comes from Fance but currently lives in London and as it says about him on his website, "he likes disrupting the habitual way of seeing and questioning everyday visual references" (I liiike it...). The latter currently lives and studies in Boston. Both of them work independently.
What do you see when you look on Barreto's woodhouses? Do you only see trees or your imagination tells you that behind flashing doors there is, let's say, a family of moles? Or you look at the flashing doors and you think about tinkerbell or maybe something darker and simple? The same way you can move your imagination when you look at Allais's pieces. Is it the dog hunting a man or the opposite? Are the balloons pulling a train or is it only a sign of party going on inside? Create your own story...

I post Daniel Barreto's pictures here with a link to his Tumblr but for pictures of Franck Allais please visit each link separately or his website as a whole. If I get pictures from the autohr, I will be more than happy to post them along with the others.

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