Monday, 29 April 2013

Utility is Creativity

I have passed this shop several times and always appreciated the design gadgets they sell. My visit there is always marked by different kinds of "ohs", "ahs" and "wows". But it was not until recent days that I realised what a creativity hub it is and how much it is growing.
The shop I am talking about it Utility (Design) and I have been visiting their Kings Cross branch in London. Apart from that, they have three stores in Liverpool. Four shops across the UK do not make them a tycoon but this is what makes them more exclusive (in a positive sense), original and tempting. What makes it different than other gift & accessories shops? Once you enter the shop, you immediately feel the aura of creativity – beginning from greeting cards (with sometimes rude but at the same time funny inscriptions) , through party accessories up to household things. When I see all of them, I get into the mood of jumping from shelf to shelf and praising almost every item for its creativity and inspiration. The recent treasure I found there was salt and pepper pot in a shape of guinea pig...
It is not that you cannot get some of these products in the other shops but it is small size, pure interior design of the stores and friendliness of staff which makes the company looks more creative. As the little pieces of arts come from different brands and designers, the thing to appreciate the most in Utility is their great choice and showing that creativity goes along uitility. Enough about my impressions, look at the pictures of the products they sell and see yourselves how creative you can make your or someone else’s home and life. (Actually they are not only my impressions as the shop was voted the winner of The Greats Gift Retailer Award.)

Some of my favorites are the lists of things to do, to say, to make someone happy, list of stupid questions etc. or the notebook for dreamers, scrabble fridge magnets, chalkboard in a shape of owl, fake trophy heads (think: deer) or a set of bathroom accessories, bunny cotton wool holder – you are taking the cotton our of rabbit’s back creating this way his tail…There are also gadgets for fans of such cartoons as Tin Tin and Moomins. Apart from standard cups and fobs, you can find some other real gems and many, many more.  

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