Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Is your life interesting?

What does it mean that our life is creative or interesting? Have you ever been thinking about it? Does it mean that every day we meet friends and spend time with them? Does it mean that after work we go home and entertain our family? Or maybe we do not work at all and just pack our things and go for a trip around the world? Or maybe we get one idea and stick to it? Or, on the opposite, we do not run after eight day of the week but we sit on the couch and have time to think about ourselves and others? Or…We could multiply such questions on and on, because there is not one answer for what interesting life is. We all make in different way.

This question has been with me for awhile now – it used to come and go but couple of weeks ago it came and has stayed for good. Why? I cannot hide the fact that it has something to do with my own life (not that it is not interesting but I always think is it interesting enough). But it is not the only reason. I see people around wrestling with life and trying to make something out of it. We read newspapers and magazines, we watch TV, we meet friends and relatives and in every conversation or information transmission there is a hidden message: your life has to be interesting; you have to have something to tell others, be proud of at the next family gathering or party… So maybe we should not ask is our life creative or interesting by why we actually need it to be like that.

Every lifestyle can be interesting and creative, even sitting on the couch whole afternoon. Maybe the person who chooses such life has the wildest imagination ever and lives in more interesting world than any of us settled in reality. It can be cooking different meal every day (which is very creative activity) or spending every afternoon in different way, drinking coffee at different place or sipping different flavour of tea. If you think you are still searching the interesting factor of your life, go outside, find inner passion, speak up without any fear. Yes, mine and your lives are interesting as long as we create something, use our brain and move forward our life is interesting. We need to believe in it and find our inner creativity.  

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