Wednesday, 1 May 2013

I miss you, guys...

... but have no way to express it. And I mean it.

I visited High Holborn branch of Scribbler but I had not had any particular purpose in that visit apart from checking it out. IWhile wandering among the shelves I thought that it would be nice to get some "I missed you" cards for two of my work colleagues whom I have not seen for couple of days. I seriously missed them.
I wandered around the shelves finding some really funny cards like the one which pictures two ladies in 50s style saying to each other "Let's go somewhere judge people" but there was no sign of any card I was looking for, apart from one with knitted gingerbread man... I didn't give up and ask at the counter for help and the lady walked me to a "farewell" section with as much as two "I miss you", the gingerbread man one, just in different style, included. Nothing more, nothing less but TWO.
Does it mean we do not miss each other or we do not want to say it? Or maybe there is no creative way to say that? I looked in the internet and found some. I will think of printing them or creating my own ;-)



And you can search some other ideas at as well.

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