Monday, 12 May 2014

Wherever you go, take the passion with you

Have you ever seen a person with a passion for something? For anything - a new car, a job, an activity, their spouse... you name it. If you did, you noticed a difference between them and anyone else. Their eyes are brighter, face looks younger, they seem to have more energy and when they are talking about their object of interest, it seems like they’re going to jump off their seat in a moment. While you’re listening to them, you suddenly start having a passion for their thing or you feel inspired to do something you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. You think: if they can, why not me. Suddenly, your eyes become brighter, face looks younger and you have more energy that you can actually accommodate... You pass it on to another person and that person to another and everyone has passion for something. Forgive me to much of a passion - I’ve been carried away a little bit but you get my idea, don’t you?
I’ve seen people with passion in my life and I love interacting with them. The more I do, the more I think you cannot go far without passion. What made me to actually think about the subject again was a meeting in Anglican parish in West London. People representing different churches an organisation met to talk about what they do or what they’re planning to do to help people, motivate them and bring communities together. Some of them are involved in night shelters for homeless, food banks, working with teenagers while others are about to start their own projects, e.g. for people with chronic pain. Their projects may be on a small scale but they make a difference, not only to its beneficiaries but also to the authors and people involved. Those people spoke about everything with such energy, love and commitment that after an hour and half I wanted to get involved in all of the projectsand even start my own. Any project without passion is not going to work. Anything without passion is not going to work. You need to have passion for the thing you’re doing as otherwise you’ll run out of energy quickly. Money or popularity may make you to start something but unless you have passion it is not going to last. I started once a job out of curiosity and need for a change but soon I discovered I had no passion for it and after six months I felt I cannot do it anymore. 
I’ve been in place in my life where I thought everyone had some sort of interest but me. That time, being thirteen, I made a conscious decision I will have a hobby, something I’ll have passion for. Even if that time it was a little bit forced it has grown and helped me to find my interest. 
Do you struggle to feel passion for things and activities? Do you feel like everyone else has some sort of interest and you’re that wishy-washy person (for sure you’re not), then try to find it. Here are some tips which may be helpful. They may not work for you but they certainly did for me.  
  •  Find that thing you are REALLY interested in – not that others are interested in, not what you think you may be interested in but what REALLY turns you on. Don’t worry if for others it seems the most boring thing ever as long as you develop passion for it, you’ll be able to... 
  • ... pass it on – if you get a passion for something, no one will be able to stop you and what’s more they will get into your idea or will feel passion for their owns. And maybe you can do something together
  • Never stop nourishing your passion. If you really are into something, t will bring fruits, whether in your own life or in another person’s life. Even if, for some reasons, you try to suppress that passion, it will live inside you and always will want get to the world; once the flame of passion has been lit up it will always flicker but it’s not about flickering, you need to add wood to keep it on fire. So read about the things you are into, network with people of similar interest, share it on social media and you’ll want even more 
  • Finally, do something about your passion – you don’t want to keep it only to yourself but you want people to be as passionate as you, share experience and grow; organise workshops, talks, event, whatever but do something. 
There is a need of people with passion for others, for things and causes. Positive passion changes things. It brings smile, makes the world a better place, and sparks passion in another person.
Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes all things alive and significant.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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