Friday, 6 June 2014

Freedom we choose

I saw this writing displayed in the window of one of the shops in my neighbourhood and thought: I wish I could do the same. What I really meant was that I wish I was as free as that person who put it up. I wish I had more courage. I wish I could do what I want and when I want, I wish I could do something different from time to time and I wish I had that freedom to say what is really in my heart. Because freedom gives birth to a passion, it opens my mind, it lets me enjoy whom I've been created to be, because it helps me to be more open towards other people. It's not just about getting freedom for the sake of freedom. It's about getting freedom to be whom God created you to be.

Don't I have it? Actually yes, I do. But different choices I've made in my life (and choices everyone makes), which were MY choices have made this freedom looking different that what I'm expecting it to look. But it is still a freedom. Choices and decisions we make shapes the fact how much freedom we get in a daily life and how much we can move away from our routine in physical terms. But in our mindset we are always free and we can be who we are as it is God's given gift.

It all comes down to finding the freedom in the middle of the system you live in. You cannot quit your job and start another the most creative project ever? But you can do something different after work. You cannot dress to work exactly they way you want, but you can add little touch here and there which will not destroy your formal look but will help you feel better, you cannot create your days the way you want but you can organise your afternoons and as soon as you finish work do the live your own way.

Freedom is what we make it to be and everyone chooses their own extent of freedom. But no matter what happens we are free, we only restriced ourselves more or less. So next time you make any choice think how it is going to influence your freedom and what can you do to gain a little bit more of it.

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