Monday, 28 July 2014

Blog Challenge Day 1: A is for Anonymity

Do you know the person sitting next to you on the tube or on the bus? Do you know people you meet every day on your way to work, school or any other places? Do you know your neigbor? Usually we don’t. At the universities, schools, at GPs, offices we are only a client. We don't know most of the people we deal with and we just accept it. Is it because we prefer to go unnoticed or because we don't feel a need to get to know those around us or we simply don't think about it and we just live our life and we don't care?
Less anonymity creates more of community, bonds people and make us feel less lonely. We are satisfied when a marketing person calls us by name on the phone when they want to sell something or when we can personalise a phone, an app, a computer but we don't care that we don't know those who are just yards from us and who would like not be be anonymus anymore.

Couple of months ago I wrote about talking to the strangers and how it can impact our life. Don't be afraid to loose your anonymity, because maybe instead of somebody you will become someone to another person.

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