Tuesday 29 July 2014

Blog Challenge Day 2: B is for Breakfast

Breakfast, b'fast, first meal of a day - small meal eaten in the beginning of the day, usually within two hours from waking up; should be nutritious and give fuel for the rest of the day; some people skip the breakfast and make the biggest mistake of the whole day; depending on the country breakfast can contain grain cooked with water/milk, bread, jam, croissant, eggs (scrambled, hard boiled etc.), ham, cheese, honey and coffee or tea to drink.

This could be a dictionary or encyclopedia definition of breakfast but breakfast is so much more than just a meal. It is a new beginning, a new opening, a fresh start announcing the new day to start. And you can start it well or on average. The choice is rather obvious. Breakfast is the most creative meal for me - with many simple ingredients you can do so many things. Just take a look at porridge - add sugar and it's different, nuts - that's a whole new world, fruits - we're getting summerish and all kind of honeys, jams, compotes and syrups. The number of combinations is incredible.
I wake up everyday excited to eat my breakfast. Each day I try to create a little masterpiece, even if it's a daily porridge or a bread with slice of ham there need to be something extra - something what will make me to smile and thank God from the very morning. Those could be nuts, fruits, vegetables, little treats, good coffee or tea or anything else I can find in the fridge or in a cupboard. It sets my mood and gives me time to sit, enjoy and look forward for the day.
If the breakfast is poor (just an ordinary meal), the day will not be the greatest but a good breakfast gives so much energy from the beginning of the day. I definitely don't eat my BreakFast quickly - I indulge myself into different flavours and no matter what time of the day or night I wake up I have to eat my breakfast. 
It's so interesting how different nations begin the day and that could be a great subject for an exhibition or some kind of project. Recently I've learnt to eat breakfast Ethiopian way with "ginfo" - a grain cooked with water with an addition of spicy butter and eggs (optional) - so simple and so nutritious. Breakfast reveals the character of people and shows a lot about their approach to live.
To encourage you to colourful breakfast here is my example from yesterday - a brown cinnamon pancake with Greek yogurt, almond butter, banana and blueberries. Yummy! So if you haven't had yours yet today, go and enjoy a more colourful beginning of the day with your favourite breakfast. Bon Appetit!

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