Thursday, 31 July 2014

Blog Challenge Day 4: D is for ...

A card I created for my mum for last Mother's Day,
to decorate her day
Decisions, decorations, danger, doubts... today the choice was difficult but finally, ladies and gentleman D is for Decorations. Why? Because those little things which decorate our fast and sometimes mundane life are the things that make it a bit different each day. A bunch of flower from a partner, an ice cream from a friend, a glass of lemonade in the heat of summer, a meal which is different than usual. Those are the decorations I am talking about.
I like to decorate my life with those little treats - a walk with my husband, a coffee in a newly discovered coffee shop, a time in the park with a book, a special breakfast or a dinner.
But there are also decorations in their literal meaning. First place in my collection of those has jewellery: earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I prefer simple clothes which can always be decorated with an original piece of jewellery. I look for them on the markets, in charity shops, I get them as gifts, so even if I try to keep my collection within acceptable size it grows every day. And the same things is with food.
I also decorate cards. When someone's birthday or another special ocassion approach and I have some spare time, I prepare decorated cards. From few simple "ingredients" come one new piece of work which purpose is to surprise someone and make their life a little bit more decorated.
Yummy! One of the most decorative food I've had, in a pub in Oxford.

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