Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Blog Challenge Day 3: C is for Church

For me church is about people not a building, though different church's buildings can be masterpieces of architecture and a pleasure to one's eye.

But if I was going to the church only to admire its architecture and going out without hadn't talked to anyone that would be strange and I would be missing the point. When I go to the church, there is always someone to talk - whether it's someone I know or I don't. I can help someone or someone may help me. Our (mine and my husband's) churches helped us to feel loved and accepted, gave us a sense of belonging and identity. People whom we met in the churches are close to us, they helped us to prepare the wedding, they prepared us for marriage and for the time of transition. They've just been great Friends. Like Jesus.
Even if you are not a Christian or you don't believe in anything at all I encourage you to visit a church. It can be during the week or on a Sunday. Look around, sit down and see what's going to happen.

I love being in the church on Sunday, because it gives me joy and helps me to feel bonded with other people by a common believe and values. It's not only the visit to the church but also the way to get there. Sunday mornings tend to be so quiet and peaceful, even in big cities and... the streets smell coffee. Church is an inspiring place to be and the presence of God is so awesome and motivates me to do the things bigger than me. The things that only He can do.

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