Thursday, 7 August 2014

Blog Challenge Day 11: K is for Knowledge

"Didn't you know that?" We express our surprise at someone's lack of knowledge of recently heard news or something "everyone knows", because usually we presume that EVERYONE KNOWS. If you don't know it means you missed out or you're not involved or worse people ignore you. Knowing confirms your existence. In today's world if you don't know, you're behind, you don't belong or you don't share a common experience. We accept general knowledge as something given by default that every single person has. On the other hand, there is knowledge we get by studying, reading books, living life and collecting experience. It used to be valued much more. A person who graduated from a university was respected and had no problems with getting a job. Nowadays, it's not so true anymore. Anyone can pay for studies or a degree and knowledge, in common understanding, is not worth that much anymore.
But there is the other type of knowledge which is and will remain invaluable, because it's more personal. It's more than following the most recent news or reading the wisest books. Knowledge is  an experience. There is a process behind becoming knowledgeable - you don't get to know everything overnight (and you will never know). Getting knowledge is a part of a journey. Knowledge is infinite and we'll never be able to say that we know everything but that's the whole fun. Until you know something, you speculate about it, you imagine it, you pursue your imagination of it and you try to learn as much as you can. And your knowledge of that thing will be different than your friend's once you both learn about that thing. We get to know God, the world around us, ourselves, other people, other cultures and they give us a better understanding of what's going on in life. We go deeper and deeper every day finding out things we didn't know a day before. Today, I've learnt something about myself and I become more knowledgeable and I will not just accept it but I'll use it for good. Sooner the better. I got to know myself better, because of only one thing that happened today but it'll allow me to choose better in the future, to define myself more precisely and to express myself more clearly. It goes in a circle and knowledge once used can be re-used. If you add to it just a little bit of new things, it'll produce bigger results next time.
 I don't know many things and I am not afraid to admit that, because I am excited that one day I'll know some of them. And I am not scared that I don't know what hapenned yesterday in politics, sport or economics - I try to follow but don't always see it as my priority, but I am fuelled by the fact that every day I learn something what makes me wiser next day. And this process will never finish. Opposite to the factual knowledge which will be easily forgotten after few days. You choose which one you invvest to.

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