Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Blog Challenge Day 10: J is for Journeys

Some say life is a battlefield but I prefer to say it's a journey. Sometimes a journey through battlefields but still a journey. On this journey you never go back to the same place again and every day is different than the previous one. Maybe when you were a teenager that journey didn't look like you wanted to and maybe even now it doesn't but if you look back you'll see how long walk you've walked. Depending on your place in life and your experience, your journey will be different: have you walked from slavery to freedom, from sadness to joy or from loss to a gain?

Imagine yourself being an explorer. Think that you're setting on a journey to explore areas where no human has ever set a foot before. You don't know exactly where are you going but you need to be very well prepared. Pack wisely, learn from those who set on a similar journey before, plan and  read about obstacles you may meet on your way and expect everything and anything to happen. When you finally set off, even if you are travelling in a group, you'll miss things you know, sometimes you'll feel lonely and abandoned and you'll be exhausted but imagine the sweet taste of the victory when you finally arrive.
On the journey you'll wake up every day full of expectations and excitement. Every day you'll want to go a bit further, get to know a bit more and to see what's round the corner. And even if some days you'll be tired, you'll want to give up and go back and you'll think that nothing makes sense, after a good rest, you'll be refreshed to start again and again, and again. There will be days that it'll be boring - nothing but a jungle, or worst - a dessert, wherever you look, and no one dear to share a burden with but on those days focus on your goal, on the place you're going to. Those days are part of the journey and without them the experience wouldn't be complete. Even when the journey will be difficult, hard and sometimes unbearable you'll keep going, because you want to get somewhere, do something, leave something for next generations.    
A journey is peaceful, because while travelling you're not in rush and you have time for the things you like. Even if you are missing a thing which you usually use at home you'll not worry that much. After all on the journey we don't need everything - only the most necessary things. On the other hand, if you constantly fight - with time, with other people or with your circumstances, you'll easily get tired. On a journey even if you walk to a wrong direction, you can always go back. Yes, you'll lose a bit of time but at the end you'll be back on track. In a battle, if you're loosing you need a miracle for your forces to start winning.
My journey is sometimes mundane, doesn't seem attractive and the other times it's overwhelming and full of glorious moments. Whatever I come across it's my journey and even if I don't always know where I am going I am at least holding a map.

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