Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Blog Challenge Day 23: W is for Work

One Friday night I sat down at the window and began my time of observation and thinking. I came tired from work and was really looking forward to the weekend - two days of glorious free time. Quickly, a thought came to my mind: why do we have to work and work much more than we actually rest. Possible answers came quickly - if we didn't work we wouldn't appreciate rest as much as we do and it wouldn't taste as sweet as it does, if we didn't work someone else would have to do our job or work twice as much, that how the system works and we need to pay the bills etc.
Those are things everyone says just to quiet down other thoughts and deal with lack of satisfaction or tiredness. They are superficial and people don't find satisfaction in them. That's why many of them perceive work in a wrong way. They weren't a satisfactory for me either. I wanted to know why work is necesarry in life, where is it coming from. I dug deeper. And then I thought about the Book of Genesis, first book of the Bible which describes, among other stories, description of God's work. Work has been with the human kind since its beginning. There is therefore nothing weird or enslaving in the idea of work itself. What God made was good, so if He created something good throughout six days and He rested on the seventh, so will I. Ask yourself a question what good do you want to do for six days and how you want to rest on the seventh. What would it be?

There are many Fridays ahead of me and many more times I'll sit down at the window and think how great is to have the weekend. But when I think about Monday now I'll not complain but will think that I am starting my six days of doing good and at the finish line there is a prize of a good rest. Don't look at your work like at the enemy. This is where you spend most of your days, this is where many of your relationships are made, this is where you'll have memories from. If it's that important better make a friend of it. 

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