Friday, 22 August 2014

Blog Challenge Day 24-26: X, Y and Z are for...

As in the children alphabet song, so in my blog challenge last three letters of the alphabet come in one go. It's not a case of laziness or being tired of the challenge but I thought that there is a meaning in putting those three letters together. They are last three letters of the alphabet and as known trio as A, B, C but while ABC stands for basics or beginnings, XYZ is kind of an addition, which means "and all the rest", a bit of bubbling about not very important things. The letters of this set are quite tricky to write about as there are not many words that begin with them. That's why I put them together and created a twisted ending to this challenge giving you also a chance to read three days in one. It has been great 26 days of writing that taught me a lot and I'll share it all with you all very soon and hopefully encourage you to do something similar on your blogs.

X is for Xylophone

X is really random. It is for X-ray, X-files, X-rated. Usually it means something with restricted access but can also stand for something excessive like XLarge or even XXXL. It's used to mark someone's presence on the list or to tick the box on the form. From among all those it's only X-Ray that somehow influenced my life when I broke a bone in my foot last year, so ... I decided to write about something completely random. It's first thing that came to my mind when I was thinking about letter "X" for this challenge and that is a xylophone... I don't know if you were expecting that or not but I wasn't really. Xylophone is a musical instrument but I don't play any instrument and even more the xylophone. But I thought it's lovely, because it's random. Something surprising and unexpected. I love such random things suddenly jumping out of nowhere, appearing without a notice and messing up the order. Even the name sounds a bit quirky and for me that's the fun. So from now on X is for random things. As I don't know much about xylophone, if I was to write you the story of this instrument I would just copy and paste a page from wikipedia. Doesn't make sense, so you better read it yourself and I present you the sound of xylophone from YouTube.

Y is for Yesterday
Today is today. It's still active and present but yesterday - seems so far away to quote a lyrics from The Beatles song. Yesterday is a closed issue, something that is finished and something you cannot change. If yesterday went well it can give you only great memories you'll remember not only today but also tomorrow. But if at one of the moments you made a wrong decision, you cannot change it anymore and if you cannot change something, you need to find a solution how to fix it and move on. If you offended someone yesterday, say sorry today. If you didn't say thank you yesterday, make sure you do it today... twice. If you made a mistake yesterday, rectify it today. If you lied yesterday, admit it today and say the truth.
After yesterday comes today and you can change things and even make them better. Don't think you cannot change the future, because of the past, because if you have enough courage and you think and not only act, still today you can bring a better tomorrow despite of a bad yesterday.

Z is for Zinjibil
Zinjibil is an Amharic (language of Ethiopia for those who don't know) word. Some of you think they know what zinjibil  but today you'll find out its new and surprising meaning.

In Amharic the word "zinjibil" literally means "ginger". If that was the end of the story there wouldn't be anything surprising. But as my husband and some of his friends like twisting things they came up with a whole new meaning for this word. In our marriage we started using it as a substitute for almost everything and we came up with a whole lot of shorter versions and nicknames for zinjibil. So, what you're just about to read is not an official version of Amharic word "zinjibil". Don't ask any Ethiopian about it or don't try to proove that you actually know something more about their culture, because of that little word. It's totally personal thing. "Zinjibil" can mean someone who does something with wrong reasons, a little thief. But there is another meaning to it which is a loving way of saying that someone is a bit tricky, a bit stubborn, always chooses their own way and it also describes an approach to life. A person who spieces things up and add them original flavour, like real ginger does to your meals. I and my husband use the word when we call each other. It carries much more emotions than our names or any sweet word such as honey, kochanie (from Polish "darling") or any other. It says all about our love and also about each others independence in our relationship but also about interdependence.
It is also a great way to sum up this blog challenge in which I wrote about things important to me and those important to other people, which creates my world and my worldview, which are interesting to me and show my approach to life. And I think everyone of us have a bit of zinjibil in their character. That what makes the life colourful ;-) 

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