Saturday, 2 August 2014

Blog Challenge Day 6: F is for Fears

Fear of heights, fear of closed space, fear of dying, fear of spiders, fear of getting lost, fear of snakes, fear of dogs, fear of crowded spaces, fear of injections, fear of social situations, fear of being touched.
Those are just a few of most common and those a bit less common fears people face in their lifes. And that's only a small part of what we are going through everyday. We go out from home and we fear we may get into an accident on the road, we fear of getting on the means of public transport, we fear meeting people and facing assignments we have to do on the day, we fear we'll loose our job, that someone will be better than us, that we'll not perform to our best and finally we fear that we'll worry too much... Isn't that enough?
Fear robs us of joy, fear worn us out, fear stops us from being courageous, fear stops us from living up to our best, fear stops us from being ourselves. And at the end we fear that fear will prevent us from experiencing all those great things life has to offer. We need to stop fearing. And the key to that is another word beginning with "f" and that is faith. Faith takes away all fears and brings freedom.
I believe in Jesus Christ and even tough I am fearful I know He is not, so I can walk through life with my head held high. You can choose what you believe in.
A magazine called "Magnify" which I came across awhile ago, this month poses question: can a person become truly fearless? I think we always hold some fears inside us - we cannot think and live beyond our reason, so we'll always fear, because there are things we don't know about. If we don't know something we fear. My biggest fear is the odd one - "a fear of missing out" (aka FOMO). I see a link on Facebook with 101 things to do in London this month and I fear I am missing something. I have not enough time to even read the article behind the link, not to mention to do all those things. I go to a bookstore and can buy only one book and I am missing on so much fun with hundred of others. The fear takes away the joy of buying even that one book. I can spend an evening doing thing "A" or "B". I choose "A" but all the time think about what's going on at "B". And so on. Every time we do something we'll miss something else and it's time to get used to it. Even if I face this fear I am faced by tens of others. But I know that my God has overcame them all and that gives me peace. And I love that life in which I can be myself and have courage to be authentic.
Do you fear?

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