Sunday, 3 August 2014

Blog Challenge Day 7: G is for Gratitude

Hioy'oy. Iyayiraykere. Merci. Dziękuję. Ameseginalehu. Shukrān. Spasiba. À ringraziavvi. Dĕkuju. Kiitos. Danke. Na gode. Paldies. Obrigado. Tack.

So many ways of saying it but all mean the same – THANK YOU. And all of them express the same – gratitude. They say so much more than their literal meaning. To say “thank you” it’s not only to express thankfulness for a favour or a service done to us or be thankful for the time spent together or a gift. It’s to express how much the other person is important to us. It’s to show we care enough not only to accept the gift but to spend time and reflect on the importance of the giver in our life. We say: “you mean a lot to me and this thing/time/experience will always remind me about you”. And we add: “I’m thankful, because I have someone in my life I can say thank you to”. Let’s not be shy to say those two words in whatever way: in person, in a text message, in a card, on Facebook or on Twitter. Let’s not let other people go thinking their gift wasn’t important or even worse that we took it for granted. 

So today, I say thank you to you all for reading this and all the other post. Every reader counts. I appreciate every minute you spend on this blog. Every thought you spare on it. Every click on the annoying links I am posting all over, because I want to pass you a message. I thank you, because you care enough to read it. And I’ll keep thanking everyone all around, because we need to remind each other how important roles we play in each other’s lives.

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