Thursday, 11 September 2014

Creativity à la française – what creative things I’ve seen in Paris and Dijon

Paris and France, in general perception, are stylish, elegant and artistic. They also have a label of destinations for food and drink lovers. But those are not the only reasons you may want to visit the country of beautiful coasts, historic architecture and such famous actor as Gerard Depardieu. France is actually a region of Europe that shows lots of creativity. Some of it is displayed in the way people dress up, arrange shop windows and make their lifestyle. Another part is shown in the rising number of start-ups, creative streets or areas. Some other are single examples located in (sometimes) unexpected places.  

During my brief visit to this stunning country I had my eyes open and was on the lookout on any sign of French creativity. Here are some examples from the streets of Paris and Dijon.

I was attracted by the inscription above the shop entrance. I may not reciprocate the love but I would like the shop to know my name and me to know the name of the shop. It doesn't often happen that shop windows "talk" to the passers by and I find this one particularly engaging. Yes, I'm in... the shop.

I saw window paintings and paintings imitating life before but this one specifically drew my attention, because the window is actually there; it's only the scene that is painted.

And the building with lots of French word is another "speaking" construction. It reminds me many wall paintings which are showing things without words. This one is more direct but the font and the background of the building spoke to me. Plus, the building is located near the train station and mentiones journey and other nationalities. Those are the motives I like.
More creative example from France to follow.

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