Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Blog Challenge: Why is it worthy to start one?

Blog challenge is completed. It took 26 days and brought 24 posts, all letters of alphabet included. On the I've learnt things, which will encourage you to challenge yourself. 

26+ days ago I didn’t know that a challenge I got myself into will show me so many thing, not only related to writing and blogging but also to my personality, a way of expressing myself and topics that matter to me. To my surprise I didn’t even need to wait until I reached letter "Z" as already by "D" I saw how much I could learn from it.

The sheer fact of taking the challenge was already exciting. From the very beginning I was determined not only to begin but also to finish, and to do it well. In the beginning I had doubts (and you will have them too): I couldn't imagine myself writing every single day for next month or so, always having and idea and enough strength to write. I didn’t want to start the challenge and stop half-way. But, as to my surprise, after only few days it became natural. The more I wrote the easier it was to continue. Even though there were days when I felt it would more convenient not to write, I kept doing it. I persevered. My husband all off you, readers were great encouragement with all suggestions and comments. I realised that I can actually write much more often than I used to. For the purpose of the challenge I wrote every day and even though after it finished I may not be able to write so often, I know I can write once or twice a week and not like before - once a month if not less often. That’s also because I realised there are so many things in life to share about that you don't have to wait for the perfect topic. There will be things that will attract the bigger audience but there will be those which will matter only to you but you still need to write about them and have courage to speak up.

The variety of subjects I wrote about, on the other hand, taught me how to express my thoughts and present my opinions. When I was setting up “Mine of Ideas” the main purpose was to write about creative businesses and people. I wanted to continue what I started when I was a full-time journalist. Once I started, I realised I could add more posts about creative thinking and processes behind it but I was thinking I should stick to the original idea. Now I see that it doesn’t have to be the case. I still want to write about all that creative side of business and life but there also other things I can have my say on and which people would like to read about. It helped me to establish a few main areas I want to write about and it may as well turn into another project. 
I suddenly realised and I can write about what really matters to me and people will be interested in it and it gave me again a sense of freedom. At the end I felt I want to encourage everyone to take up on a challenge of any kind. If you want to explore a new idea or teach yourself a new habit, start a challenge. Maybe you have a great idea in your mind and you are worrying if it will work, you want to learn to play an instrument, start a group, want to start a new hobby, you want to move to another town or you want to start a new project and you're not sure if that is something for you. Give yourself a trial period by starting a challenge. Just choose a reasonable amount of time not to make it too long.

I encourage you to consider taking on any challenge. It doesn’t have to be writing but can be related to doing acts of kindness, helping others, working out, eating, reading or anything else you want to be better at. It’ll give you a chance to have a look into yourself, review your actions, come up with new ideas and once you complete it, you’ll really have a sense you achieved something.

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