Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Blog Challenge Day 9: I is for Ideas

Ideas are like children. You're full of joy when you conceive and you think what's going to happen when the Idea will come to this world. During pregnancy (nine months or longer) you read a lot about your Idea and you plan. Once you give long and painful birth you start watching your Idea growing. Not all parts of that process make you happy and proud but what can you do. After all it's your beloved Idea. Then, finally, you let your Idea go, see the world and keep multiplying. And that's the purpose of the Idea - it's not supposed to stay with you (or worse in your mind only) but it's supposed to go and conquer the world. Don't stop it. 

I love ideas and I am passionate about them. Tell me your idea and if I like it (and I usually do), you have me on board. I will start planning immediately and thinking what's going to happen when the idea will be put into practice. I'm worse in bringing ideas to life, though, but I’m working on it, because ideas are made to be alive and to make us feel we're alive. Next time you come up with the next great idea (and you pass the stage when everything seems to be against your idea and generally you think it's not even worthy starting) find someone who is practical and is good at making things happen, so together you can achieve a success. And I’ll be more than happy to feature it on the blog.

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