The person behind the blog

Welcome to my blog! I really mean it. I am glad that you’ve got here via Twitter, Weekend Notes, IdeasTap, Facebook or any other way.

I walk around London and other cities, towns and places and discover for you creative people, businesses, places, parks, markets and then write about all of them. I also share my thoughts and observations. I believe that stories are hidden everywhere and in everything and I find joy in discovering and sharing them with you. There is always something to tell others about. It can be a story of success or a hard lesson, of joy or of sorrow, of passion or of a burnout. They need to be told.

In London's cafe&bistro Absolutely Starving that allows you to "borrow" book; picture by Olga Talarska

I’ve been writing ever since. This is the way I express my thoughts and share what I have to say. I started writing professionally in 2007 for Polish magazines such as Brief, Press, Wlasny Biznes Franchising, Gazeta Szkolna, Przewodnik Katolicki, National Geographic Traveller, websites such as and many others.

After moving to London I’ve written for Weekend Notes, IdeasTap and most recently for Film Africa blog. At the moment I am working as an administrator organising everything everywhere but I remember that primarily I am a writer.

Enjoy the blog and drop a line or two in comments or via email.

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