Thursday 6 December 2012

Covent Garden: Classical music with a modern touch

Oopsie Mamushka combines classical music and modern approach towards performance. Their improvisation of Vivaldi's Four season or another classical piece, will amuse you. 

As Hyde Park has its Speakers' Corner, Covent Garden has its informal musicians' corner. Located near Nauticalia, next to the steps in the market's courtyard, it tempts visitors with beautiful sounds. Instead of shopping they start searching where the sound is coming from. When I first heard Oopsie Mamoushka, a group of string players, playing I just followed the sound to find them.

That day, late in the afternoon I was passing through Covent Garden market, breathing in its Christmas atmosphere, when I heard the sound of my favorite violin. I followed the sound to the lower part of the market. In one of the corners I saw a group of four people having a lot of fun while playing classical music.

As many other passers by I just stood amazed and hypnotised, not only by beautiful sound but mostly by the show the group was giving. Two men and two women were beating the rhythm with their feet, moving and playing scenes while playing the music. They were interacting with the listeners, smiling and really feeling the music.

As I listened to their music and watched the show, I felt so joyful. I thought that there were still people who are not that serious about classical music and want others to follow them. And that all for pleasure and fun of playing only. They made formal and sophisticated pieces of music into something completely opposite, Isn't it easy to make someone's afternoon magical? 

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