Tuesday 18 December 2012

World's Greatest Jewel

Can you imagine 300,000 pieces of puzzle spread on the floor? Do you think you would know which two pieces put together first? Sounds difficult,  doesn't it? But this is exactly what Chris Chamberlain did to create his portrait of the Earth entitled “Jewel of the Universe”. It has been made from precious gems, stained glass and LED lights. The artist (innovator? performer?) has created map of the world from 260 carats of jewels, 330,000 hand-cut pieces of stained glass and 6,900 LED lights. If that's not yet enough, every major city has been marked with a different precious stone.The result is stunning.
Chamberlain's work was exhibited in ROA Gallery on Pall Mall and can be still viewed can on artist's official website.

by Paula 
The whole picture is breathtaking - all those little piece matched perfectly together to show our precious planet. Map of the world is something unique and fascinating in itself but the way it has been presented by Chamberlain makes it not only a practical object but a piece of art. It sparks imagination. It’s amazing how much effort Chris Chamberlain put into this work just to show “the vibrancy, uniqueness and beauty of Earth”.
I have never seen something like this before and I admire the artist. It took him 26 months to complete the project but it is worthy any amount of time. And it will be reminding its owner about beauty of this world.

“Jewel of the Universe was created in loving honour of our world ... and especially its precious life ... a world that’s so endlessly fascinating, so endlessly beautiful … and with an aliveness that beams out into space as if with the chorus ‘here we are, there's nothing better, there never will be.”
Chris Chamberlain 

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