Monday 24 June 2013

Can you be creative and organised?

I recall a TV program in which well-known people were talking about the (lack of)organisation on their desks. Most of them was representing so called creative industries and most of them was telling how unorganised their desks are. Some even went as far as saying that they cannot work if their desk is clean and tidy and they were obviously proud of it. And do you remember all those artists in the movies in their workshops where you cannot find anything? Painters, writers, explorers or inventors. In my native Polish we even use a phrase "artistic mess".
All these makes an image of creative people being unorganised and messy. And if you are tidy, remember your agenda, don't miss meetings and can express yourself clearly you are not inventive anymore or you cannot be part of creative circles? As much as it can be true for some people, it doesn't have to be for you. You can be perfectly organised, knowing where every little piece of paper lays on your desk and in your mind, be concentrated and pay attention to details and still stay the most creative person ever. Why and how?

I fell into the trap of "messy creativity" myself and was thinking that I am allowed to be unorganised and that it even should be like that. Moreover I was supposed to not to have time to organise things around me to look even more creative. So I was ending up putting things from one side of the desk to another as well as looking for a right quote among ten different papers which all looked the same, couldn't remember who gave me the information or in which file I can find it. Work was much more difficult.
But I realised it doesn't have to be like that and the key lays in a smart word "concentration". If you concentrate, you are not only organised on the outside but also inside which is actually more important. It brings less mistakes, clearer thinking process and as a consequence less troubles when the deadline is coming.

Also, if you are organised and have clear plan of your idea or project it is easier to present it to others and convince them that it is creative. So many times I've been talking about one thing and already thinking about ten others only to find myself loosing my thoughts and not being able to finish what I had started. I was ending up angry and definitely less inspired for next tasks.
Mess around you and in your head don't help you to think. It really doesn't. It not only doesn't bring more inspiration  but it causes you to get lost. On the opposite, when you conentrate only on one issue, you are able to think about more possibilities, predict different solution and come out with better ideas.

So don't be deceived to think that you need to look unorganised in order to be creative. Before all concentrate on your work and don't worry about outside impression. After all its your work and projects which will speak for your creativity.

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