Sunday 2 June 2013

Mr. Chickpea and what depths of our mind can create

This is a typical lazy weekend post. It doesn't describe a place, a business idea, so it may not help  you to go out from home to do something but I hope it will inspire you to see the potential of the smallest pieces of the world or yourself and your wild imagination.
I found this website awhile ago and saved in my "Favourites" . It was waiting for its moment and now it has come. I couldn't stop myself from sharing it with you today.

It represents a special type of creativity which I cannot stop admiring - it is surrealistic, absurd but gripping, tempting and absorbing, even compelling. When I see the works which are outcome of this, I cannot stop myself from thinking how on earth the person got to that point. And even more how they "dared" to present it to the others. The example of this type of work is series of picture entitled "Mr. Chickpea & Friends" by Sadi Tekin from New York, USA.

I have encountered some work of this type before but this one is the only its kind.  It is its essence and culmination. There was already "Food on My Dog", a Tumblr which author puts different items on his dog and take him a picture (dog is totally unfringeable with the whole performance) or another Tumblr "Microwhat" which shows different items before and after being cooked in microwave (and they don't have to be food) or a flickr with pictures of sleeping kangaroos... <wall>

I can imagine these people lying on the couch or sitting in the park, having [positive] nothing in their mind and thinking what to do and here it comes - one crazy idea. I actually think that such works represents kind of insanity which is inside every human. And trust me, I do not write to criticize any of above artists, I am full of admiration for their creativity, smartness and courage to show their work to the world. Sometimes I have similar temptations, I just stop myself in the moment when the red light show in my mind and prefer to write about this crazy ideas. And I definitely like Mr. Chickpea and can imagine him as a character of even more absurd cartoon.

I present you some of my favourite works of Sadi Tekin as his website allows distributing it.

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