Wednesday 21 August 2013

St. Pancras International transformed by music

I was walking down the St. Pancras International station in search of clothes shop while I heard gentle sounds of classical music. Is it coming from a loudspeaker, radio or a shop - I wondered until I saw a piano, then a player and then the audience gathered around them. Behind the piano was a young girl seating and enjoying playing for passers-by. I don’t know if she was there just by coincidence or by purpose but I definitely know that she made other people time pleasant.

I didn’t walk too far away from that gathering when I heard even more sounds. This time I recognized the piece. It was “Für Elise/ For Elise” Ludwig van Beethoven’s played by an elderly man. He also gathered a small crowd of people, who would come for shopping or to catch a train.

Somewhere in between those two musical stands was a beach with deckchairs. All that in the middle of busy international train station.

Isn’t it amazing how easily we can change given space, theoretically stagnant and well established? You may think that it is impossible to bring something creative and surprising at such place as international train station. But here it comes. One thought from one person (or maybe a little brainstorm) and thousands (or even more) passengers and passers-by have their life changed for a moment or two. What if from time to time we would change a space around us? Bring something unconventional to the most official space? Change something unchangeable? What can you change in your room, house, street, office, school, change it, add a new touch to it?

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